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Boundless Creatures | Jan Knight

September 23 - November 12, 2019

Registrations are closed
Boundless Creatures | Jan Knight
In the SE Felix Morales Building Public Pin Strip
September 24-November 12

FREE Registration is not required for this event.
Jan Knight is a native Houstonian and through the years she has taken many classes at HCC including Art History, Ceramics, Sculpture, Upholstery and Interior Design. She finds herself fascinated with modeling paste, drywall mud, plaster, papers, eggshells, rope, string, found objects and coffee grounds and believes that everyone can find some satisfaction in the creative arts if they spend time experimenting with materials. Working with a variety of mixed media allows Jan to challenge herself with problems and reach quickly for solutions among a score of media. Each of us, she says, is unique and needs to resist being cataloged, categorized, matched, named, boxed in. Our challenge is to embrace our differences and those of everyone else. or ArtsLine 713.718.6570

•  Venues and Galleries are ACCESSIBLE and OPEN to the public during CAMPUS HOURS except where otherwise noted.  •  ALL events are FREE.  •  PARK in student lots, FREE.  •   Houston Community College SUPPORTS ACADEMIC FREEDOM and First Amendment rights.  •  Some artwork may be objectionable to some viewers and some productions may contain sensitive language and/or subject matter.  


This event is presented by the VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS Center of Excellence. DEAN, Colleen Reilly, PhD.  •  VISUAL ARTS DIVISION (Studio Art & Art History) CHAIR, Katherine Rhodes Fields, MFA, MA TESL  •  PERFORMING ARTS DIVISION (Dance, Drama, Music) CHAIR, Susan Hines, MM


Start: September 23, 2019
End: November 12, 2019
Visual & Performing Arts | COE

HCC Eastside Campus Felix Morales Bldg

6815 Rustic Street
Houston TX, 77087
United States

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