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The Branches
1) The Branches, T.C. Anderson and Mari Omori, 2019-2020 approx. 28’ x 48’, tea-stained mosquito netting, ink on cardstock paper slips, pins

The Installation

Writing, and the enjoyment of it, is a solitary experience, isolated, and almost secretive in its internal nature. Unless displayed like an advertisement or billboard, consuming literature is often confined to a medium intended for perusal and contemplation by one person at a time. In contrast, art is a collective experience, often analyzed and admired by many eyes at once. Some art, like installation works, even expand on this idea, enveloping its onlookers and surrounding them in the work’s complexity, movement, and constriction.

The Branches is a small step towards the merging of these two different experiences into one. Using handwritten words and phrases from poems pinned to and scattered about stained mosquito netting, writer T.C. Anderson and artist Mari Omori intend to create The Branches as a foundation of an immersive visual and literary art installation experience named The Forest. The Forest would emulate its namesake, using the aforementioned materials, among others, in abundance to create a space through which observers could traverse its visual & literary offerings on a larger scale while exploring the range of emotions it brings. While an observer would be able to experience The Forest with family, friends, and viewers by their side, the small size of each paper slip containing a handwritten phrase (approx. 5” x 1”) guarantees each visitor a unique and intimate literary experience inside the installation as well. Additionally, the handwritten phrases on the paper slips will comprise a future published collection called The Forest by Anderson, accumulating poetry and prose created from the handwritten phrases into a compilation that can return the solitary experience of enjoying literature to the work’s viewers.


T.C. Anderson
T.C. Anderson is an award-winning graphic designer, curator, and writer based in Houston, Texas. She has exhibited collaborative video work with multimedia artist and educator Mari Omori, with recent exhibitions including Alphabet Dance at Lone Star College-Kingwood Fine Art Gallery, Kingwood, TX (2019); and The Habit of Being II at Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX (2016). She has also curated two photography shows for Lone Star College-Kingwood Fine Art Gallery: Perspectives: Featuring the Works of the Perspectives Photography Club (2017), and 2020/vision: Juried Cellphone Photography Exhibition (2020). Anderson is currently working on a poetry collection, with some of her work forthcoming in online literary journals The Metaworker and Infinity’s Kitchen.

Mari Omori
Born and raised in Chiba-Prefecture, Japan, Mari Omori is a multimedia artist, art educator, and curator who received her MFA from UCLA and BA from California State University Northridge. Omori has received a number of awards, including the Sabbatical Research Grant for Indonesian batik, in 2018; the Mino Culture Art Project AIR, Japan, in 2008; Palm Beach County Cultural AIR Grant, FL, in 2006; and the Faculty International Exploration Grant and Sabbatical Research Grant, both in 2008.

Working in diverse materials such as paper, fiber, bronze, and video projection, Omori explores the concepts of time, identity, and transformation. She has exhibited her work in numerous one-person and group exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, and the states of California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas. Her works are in private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; the Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX; and Mino Washi/paper Museum, Gifu-Prefecture, Japan. Omori is currently a Professor of Art at Lone Star College-Kingwood, a position she has held since 2002.

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