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HCC Spring 2020 Student Exhibition

May 11 - July 31, 2020

Registrations are closed

HCC Visual Arts Spring 2020 Student Exhibition | Good Vibrations

ON INSTAGRAM | HCC Virtual Arts Center | @hcc_visual_arts
May 11—June 07

HCC's six campus Arts galleries are closed until further notice but that doesn’t stop our student artists from showing what they've created this semester at HCC. For the first time, Instagram will be our gallery walls for the spring 2020 student exhibition. “Good Vibrations” is our non-juried Instagram exhibition that features all studio classes from all colleges in the HCC system.



This event is presented by the VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS Center of Excellence. DEAN, Colleen Reilly, PhD.  •  VISUAL ARTS DIVISION (Studio Art & Art History) CHAIR, Katherine Rhodes Fields, MFA, MA TESL  •  PERFORMING ARTS DIVISION (Dance, Drama, Music) CHAIR, Susan Hines, MM  •   MEDIA ARTS DIVISION (Filmmaking, Audio Recording, Music Business) CHAIR, Michael Cohn, MA


Start: May 11, 2020
End: July 31, 2020
Visual & Performing Arts | COE

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Spotify Playlists

Description: Rock, Country and R&B Ballads

Groovy Tones
Description: Jazzy and Instrumental Tunes

Value Of A Moment
Description: Soundtracks and Peaceful Melodies

Uplifting Palette
Description: The soothing beats of this music reminds me of the brush strokes moving across the canvas.

Capture The Good Vibes
Description: Eclectic Mix

Spotify Playlists | Titles & Descriptions

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