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Present | Caroline Roberts

January 20 - February 21, 2020

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Present | Caroline Roberts 
At the SW Stafford FAC Gallery 
January 20–February 21
Reception Wednesday, January 22, 12-2pm


“The present of my life looks different under trees,” is a quote from a passage in Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek in which she muses on the differences between “soft-shelled humans” and the trees with their bark shields and immense lifespans. Trees 'remember' the weather through their growth rings and, in fossilized remains, the pattern of these rings is used to study past climates. What will current, living trees tell the future?

This installation consists of sixty 11’ high panels, each one representing a year of weather data from Hobby airport. The lightweight, fabric panels hang from the ceiling creating an immersive environment. Each panel varies in width based on the rainfall intensity, and the color, from ice-blue to blue-black, represents the average nighttime temperature for that year. More shocking than any graph, this forest-like environment shows the story of rising temperatures and intensifying rain events.

HCC Southwest Stafford Campus
Fine Arts Center Gallery
9910 Cash Rd Stafford TX 77477 or ArtsLine 713.718.6570

•  Venues and Galleries are ACCESSIBLE and OPEN to the public during CAMPUS HOURS except where otherwise noted.  •  ALL events are FREE.  •  PARK in student lots, FREE.  •   Houston Community College SUPPORTS ACADEMIC FREEDOM and First Amendment rights.  •  Some artwork may be objectionable to some viewers and some productions may contain sensitive language and/or subject matter.  


This event is presented by the VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS Center of Excellence. DEAN, Colleen Reilly, PhD.  •  VISUAL ARTS DIVISION (Studio Art & Art History) CHAIR, Katherine Rhodes Fields, MFA, MA TESL  •  PERFORMING ARTS DIVISION (Dance, Drama, Music) CHAIR, Susan Hines, MM  •  MEDIA ARTS DIVISION (Filmmaking, Audio Recording, Music Business) CHAIR, Michael Cohn, MA


Start: January 20, 2020
End: February 21, 2020
Visual & Performing Arts | COE

HCC Stafford Campus

Fine Arts Center Gallery 9910 Cash Rd
Stafford TX 77477
United States

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