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VR 4 Empathy Fall 21

September 25, 2021

Virtual Reality For Empathy Workshop
Saturday, September 25, 2021. 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Please use Parking Lot 3 or the Parking Garage.

a collaboration between 
The Center for the Healing of Racism, Central College XR Lab & Studio at the Center for Learning Innovation
Come prepared to have a living experience as you put yourself into the shoes of others.
The sessions are free, parking is free @ garage parking.

   1. Traveling While Black- Place yourself in a safe space when you journey over the road in the Emmy 
          Nominated “Traveling While Black".

      2. Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience- The Fundamental Attribution Error, as coined by Stanford          
          Psychologists, describes how we blame others when bad things happen to them, but blame the external 
          situations when bad things happen to us. There is a misconception that losing one's home is due to who you are 
          and the choices you make. Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience seeks to counter this irrational 
          tendency. In this immersive virtual reality experience from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction 
          Lab, spend days in the life of someone who can no longer afford a home. Interact with your environment to 
          attempt to save your home and to protect yourself and your belongings as you walk in another’s shoes and face 
          the adversity of living with diminishing resources.

       3. The Displaced. Nearly 60 million people are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution — more than at any time since World War II. Half are children. This virtual reality journey tells the stories of three of them.


Start: September 25, 2021
10:00 am
End: September 25, 2021
01:00 pm
Lynden Marshall, XRLab & Studio Manager - Houston Community College Central

1301 Alabama Street, room 216b Houston, TX, USA

J.B. Whiteley Bldg Room 216b
77004 Houston TX
United States

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